2018 Show Theme Calendar

CalendarThis page lists our tentative schedule for the 2017 securityNOW show. This is a general listing of topics/themes and not written in stone, so please feel free to pitch off-topic. Interviews are roughly 30 minutes each, so plan accordingly.

January: New Year’s Resolutions – Security 2018. What to look out for this year. Current cyberthreats. A look back on 2017.

February: Giving up Security Holes for Lent. Best practices for staying secure-personally and at the office.

March: Spring Cleaning. Changing passwords, getting rid of old accounts, doing some housekeeping.

April: Easter Egg Time. How to prevent security surprises. An ounce of prevention. Techniques and tactics against identity theft.

May: Mayday…Mayday! What to do after a compromise, a hack, or a stolen identity.

June: Halfway Point. If cybersecurity breaches have you by the breeches, strap in and get ready to learn how to recover.

July: Independence Day. How significant are foreign hacks and cyberthreats to the average person? How can you protect yourself against cyber espionage?

August: The Heat is On. Let’s make it difficult for cybercriminals by putting a little heat back on them. Multi-factor authentication.

September: Back to School. How and where to educate yourself about security. Cyber security annual refresher training: Taking it seriously.

October: Hack-O-Ween. Cyberthreats, hacks, and security can be frightening, so it’s time to scare up some remedies.

November: No Turkeys at the Table. Don’t let cyberthreats gobble up your good times. Anti-malware software to the rescue!

December: Giving Presence. Don’t let the holiday season deliver something you don’t want, like a stolen credit card. Find out how to prevent those Cyber Santas from getting their claws into your finances.