The SecurityNOW Interview Process

Preston and I welcome interviews from any and all security experts, journalists, speakers, writers, business owners/executives, researchers, and administrators. Feel free to contact us using the Contact Form to schedule an interview. We also publish a show Theme Calendar. We welcome themed interviews as well as timely and evergreen topics.

Typically, a speaker’s representative or agency will contact us to schedule but anyone may contact us for potential interviews.

We cover all security topics, products, and services and have no vendor or company bias.

The Interview:

Interviews can be done by Skype or by phone. We prefer that you use a stable phone line rather than a cell phone for maximum clarity and reliability.

The interview begins with a topic introduction and then transitions to a topic chat between Preston and myself. After we’re done, we introduce the guest for that topic and ask for the speaker to tell us about him or herself and then to give us an overview of the company he or she works for.

We move to the Q&A session where Preston and I ask a series of questions and follow-up questions that cover the topic. Sometimes the guest will give us a bit of topic background or make an announcement of a new product or service they’re offering.

Once the Q&A session is complete, we recap the podcast topic and guest information.

Podcasts are not recorded live. We record, edit, add our intro, outro, and sponsorship information.

The entire call takes about 30 minutes and the finished podcast can range from 15 to 25 minutes.

Each podcast is licensed CC BY or Creative Common with Attribution. Basically, you can use excerpts or the entire podcast, but you need to give us credit as the original authors.

Our podcasts carry a G (For all audiences) rating so that listeners can play them at work, at school, or anywhere without fear of any offensive language. The interviews are serious and are meant to inform, educate, and enlighten.